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First things first, I am not a paid spokesperson, simply just a lover of healthy convenient food. What am I talking about? HELLO FRESH is a food delivery service that packages meals for you to cook in the comfort of your own home (yes, a package of fresh food delivered straight to your door.) We originally started using Hello Fresh in February 2017 when I found out I was pregnant with my little girl. I wanted to make sure I was eating healthily not only for myself and my husband but for my daughter, making sure she was getting all the right nutrients from freshly prepared food.

Why I love it:


I used to struggle coming up with an interesting weekly meal plan that wasn’t the same few meals over and over again or a ready meal full of god knows what. So we decided to try Hello Fresh, originally we were a little sceptical as we really didn’t think we would have the time to cook a meal from scratch each night or thought we would get bored with it but since we started we haven’t looked back since and actually we really enjoy cooking.


I honestly don’t know how much food we’ve thrown away over the years! But no more, now we get everything we need from the meat, vegetables to herbs & spices in the right portion sizes, so there’s no wastage. Each meal is boxed with all the ingredients ready to go portioned out – brilliant!


Last night we ate Parisienne Spiced Chicken with Balsamic Mustard Lentils and Roasted Carrots – say what? I would have never thought up this meal on my own or attempted it! It’s so fun learning how to cook new foods and try new recipes, even my husband who had previously never cooked a meal from scratch in the 14 years of us being together loves to get involved now!


You get to cook it, feel like a chef, enjoy the prep process and learn new cooking techniques. Each meal is around 500-700 calories and filled with good protein and you know exactly what is in there – you made it! Hello Fresh even cater you any special dietary needs too.

The meals are separated into bags so you don’t even have to separate them out. The little recipe card is designed with super easy to follow instructions and gorgeous photos and includes nutrition facts. You get all of the fresh herbs, spices, produce, and meat, so it’s easy to put together a gourmet meal in less than an hour.

So, as a reward to you lovely people I have 3 voucher codes that give you a free box to try and see what you think. To redeem simply head on over to Hello Fresh, choose a recipe box that suits you and enter your unique code (one of the below codes) at the checkout, dinner is solved!

Code: MA2MA8JAN | Code: MA2MMXCAG | Code: MA2NRFT6J

I’d love to hear what you think!

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